Product Designer, and more ✨

Based in Warsaw, working worldwide.

Product Design / 01

Experience in this field involves talking directly with users to identify their pain points, and designing based on research, testing, and data-driven hypotheses.

Team Work / 02

Skilled in team collaboration, connecting designers with developers, adept at leading initiatives and promoting a positive team atmosphere.

Design Systems / 03

Creating and maintaining design systems. Implementing the design system through engineering teams. Developing a cross-vertical design system with other teams.

Multidisciplinary Design / 04

Web, including corporate sites and complex online stores; interactive screens, presentations, banners. A little experience in creating a simple branding for a small companies.

8 years in design is not just my business, it's my passion. I love to be challenged by complex tasks, inspired by new ideas and just connecting with users. There's nothing like that moment when your design helps a product grow and evolve. It's all magic.

In all, I ride a motorcycle 🏍️, learn drums, travel 🌴 and try to launch my own projects.

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